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At Starfish Alliance, we’re dedicated to helping youth in the  Columbus community develop their skills and grow into contributing members of society. Since 2000, we have provided a variety of programs to all of our youth and have seen the direct benefits of the services we offer. Check out all of our programs!

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Results Oriented Coaching

Today a network of 30 volunteers meet every other week with over 80 youth to work on strategies for building resilience, honing the ability to 'bounce back' from difficult experiences, while building trust and credibility.


  • Mindset Assessment Profiles are used to understand how our young people make the connection between success and effort.

  • A review of absences and GPA relationships reveals the opportunity educating and investing in these youth has in increasing their chances to do better, by them knowing how to approach success.

    • Session 1:  helps youth create a positive vision and identify a specific plan to lead them there

    • Session 2:  1:1 interactions and Design Challenges help to reframe their challenges and provide social skills and problems solving approaches

  • Increased and improved Coach Training leads to satisfaction.


Through primary and secondary research, we’ve learned that personalized, relational care is the 21st Century approach to human services and youth development.  We moved from an activities-based program model to one that is relationship-based.  What we know…people are the key to unlocking latent potential.

After researching and designing a relationship-based program model, we proudly introduced Results-Oriented Coaching™ (ROC™) to our community.  ROC™ relies entirely on our network of experienced mentors who are focused on strategies for building resilience. Each youth or student receives an assessment; works with a non-judging, caring adult or mentor to identify opportunities and challenges; and develops an individual success plan.   We are continuously improving our program through quantitative and qualitative data – the engine that drives results!

The ROC™ tools can be used by mentors, case-managers, teachers, parents, guardians, or anyone with a vested interest in seeing young people seize opportunities and overcome challenges to become productive adults.

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Creation of Mentoring Curricula 

Starfish Alliance assists organizations in creating an evidence-informed model that advances developmental skills, increases social capital, and promotes socioemotional wellness.  We leverage experience in culturally-informed interventions, dynamic assessments, family engagement, and an intensive mentor training platform. ROC™ drives social-emotional development and fosters agency which influences academic growth, reduces the risk of involvement with justice systems, and empowers families to connect with their communities of care. ROC™ differentiates over a dozen factors to create a customized mentoring experience for youth and young adults between the ages of 12 and 24.

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Coordination for Multi-System and Other Vulnerable Youth

Multi-system youth are adolescents who are served by multiple public systems.  Each system is independently responsible for providing financing and direct services in various areas.  For our youth population that includes any combination of child protection, health care (including behavioral health), juvenile justice, education, and workforce.  Many states make efforts to coordinate services for youth across systems; however, literature review on many youth development topics reveal opportunities for further coordination of services. 


As direct and indirect service providers and advocacy groups continue to support young adults, Starfish Alliance is working toward local collaborative efforts.  We identify providers and pathways toward self-sufficiency.  We are working toward aligning services that support youth who can navigate systems, transition to adulthood, build healthy relationships, and gain exposure to new experiences.

Workshops and Professional Development

Starfish Alliance provides training to schools and employers on how trauma impacts brain development, performance, and engagement.  Participants also leave with practical tools on unlocking the latent potential of students and employees. 

  • Ready, Set, Goal: Setting Goals for the 21st Century

  • Know Your Number (leverage human potential and financial capability)

  • Design Challenges for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

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