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Making A Difference

School-based programs and coaching that create stability and prepare youth for life after high school.


Starfish Alliance is Making a Difference

The number of children in systems has been quietly ticking up after years of decline, from 397,000 (2012) to more than 437,000 (2016)*

But kids between the ages of 13-24 can find the resiliency to overcome the adversities from their challenging life experiences with the help of Starfish Alliance and you.

  • 47% are completing high school or their GED

  • 74% are overcoming homelessness

  • 64% are freed from incarceration

  • 12% are working full time 

Starfish Alliance is a registered 501(c)(3) focused on delivering results oriented school-based programming to youth who have, or are, experiencing adversity within group homes, or other care systems or environments. We specialize in engagement strategies for youth at-risk of poor outcomes in employment and education.  Our programs prepare youth to overcome challenges and seize opportunities by adopting positive behaviors, building stronger relationships, and engaging in learning environments.

We lead cross-sector collaborations, meeting youth needs on three levels: basic, social-emotional, and self-fulfillment.  Our programs are designed to engage, incubate, and launch youth into post-secondary pathways (employment, entrepreneurship, enlistment, and education).

Our Guiding Philosophies:
•Not one organization can do it alone; and not one person should have to go at it alone.
•Escaping poverty is only half of the story; being prepared for the middle class is the other half.
•Resilience mitigates the potential negative outcomes caused by ACEs or trauma.

*According to the most recent data from the US Administration on Children, Youth, and Families and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.



Programs & Services

Cogs and a Pencil
Audiovisual Conference

Networking and training opportunities for volunteers and youth.

Coordination for Youth

Not one organization can do it alone; partnership with other organizations allows us all to have a greater impact for the youth we serve.

advise and celebrate youth progress toward goals in employment, education, and entrepreneurship.

Shaping the leaders of tomorrow, today.



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